Developed by a team of leading cryo-biologists and mechanical engineers, LyoLife™ is a groundbreaking technology that is fundamentally transforming the world of cell and tissue preservation.

LyoLife freeze-dries cells and tissues, under sterile conditions, for storage and transportation at room temperature in secured vials. Samples can then be rehydrated with no significant cell loss or DNA damage, and used across a range of applications.

By eliminating the need for storage in liquid nitrogen at sub-zero temperatures and specialist cold chain logistics for transportation, LyoLife is changing the game for conventional cryo-storage and cryo-chain technologies.

LyoLife was developed by FertileSafe, a dynamic bio-medical company specializing in cryo-biology, cryo-technology and reproductive technology.

LyoLife advantages


Storage at room temperature in secured vials.

  • Lower cost operations

    • Storage does not require specialist cryo-facilities and equipment
    • No need for continuous liquid nitrogen supply
    • Lower energy needs
    • Transportation by regular mail or courier without need for dry ice
    • Reduced insurance costs
    • Streamlined manpower requirements
  • Lower risk profile

    • Vials entirely sterilized in the autoclave
    • Lower risk of cell and tissue damage
    • Fewer health and safety concerns
  • Lower regulatory constraints

Put simply, LyoLife greatly reduces or eliminates the major costs and risks associated with conventional cryopreservation technologies.

Conventional cryopreservation technologies

Storage in liquid nitrogen at -196°C.

  • High cost operations

    • Dedicated facilities with specialist equipment and infrastructure
    • Continuous liquid nitrogen supply
    • Secure energy supply
    • Complex transportation requirements
    • Significant insurance costs
    • Extensive manpower
  • High risk profile

    • Risk of pathogen transmission and contamination
    • Risk of damage to cells and tissues
    • Risk of health and safety concerns
  • Subject to stringent regulations

Unlike LyoLife, conventional cell and tissue cold-storage techniques are often cost- and risk-prohibitive.

Key features

  • Easy to operate freeze-drying device

  • Samples can be entirely sterilized in the autoclave

  • Device vacuum-seals the dried samples in vials

  • Temperature and pressure easily controlled during the freeze-drying process

  • Condenser temperature is close to that of liquid nitrogen for freeze-drying at low temperatures

  • Samples can be stored at room temperature in secured vials – effectively enabling easy and cost-effective storage

  • No need for dedicated storage facilities with special equipment and staff

  • Transportation does not necessitate expensive third-party cryo-logistics providers

  • Does not require continuous supply of liquid nitrogen

  • Greatly reduced health and safety concerns

  • LyoLife processed samples retain DNA integrity upon rehydration, comparable to fresh cells and tissues