As part of a project led by a global biotechnology company developing a treatment for anal fissure using mesenchymal stem cells derived from fat received via liposuction treatments. The company engaged the team that developed LyoLife™ to develop a freeze-dried product with more than 80% viability without DMSO, and for the cells to be grown in culture.


Full methodology confidential and owned by the biotechnology company. For the freeze drying we optimized the conditions of directional freezing and added the antioxidant EGCG to the freezing solution. After freeze-drying, we tested cell viability and growth rates.

Principal findings

Freeze-thawing without DMSO achieved more than 70% viability and high adherence and growth of the cells. The frozen samples were sent to the biotechnology company for further evaluation and were validated.

Initial freeze-drying results achieved only 20-30% viability and no adherence to the petri dish. At this point, the biotechnology company decided against further R&D investment, despite the fact that with other cell types similarly low initial results have been subsequently elevated to the 80-90% range.


Further R&D spend on mesenchymal stem cells derived from fat will be required to elevate viability to >80%, which has been successfully achieved with other cells where initial results were low.


Confidential research.

Supporting Information

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