In the nascent field of microbiome therapy, LyoLife™ allows the freeze-drying of intestinal microorganisms for storage and rehydration. Given the high costs associated with traditional cryopreservation technology, and the significant R&D costs of drug discovery and development, LyoLife offers a low-cost solution for effective microbiome storage and subsequent rehydration for future use in research, diagnostics, and therapeutics.


Bacteria freeze-drying
Unpublished research to assess the potential for freeze-drying and preserving bacteria and virus
A. Arav, Y. Natan


Market size & growth

The Microbiome Therapy market is forecast to reach $636 million by 2022, growing by 17% year-on-year

Key trends & information

The major factors driving the Microbiome Therapy market include:

  • Growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as C. difficile infection (CDI), phenylketonuria, hepatic encephalopathy and multidrug resistant urinary tract infection
  • Side effects of – and viral resistance to – conventional medicines, driving the need for innovative treatment technologies such as microbiome therapeutics that provide treatment without chemical
  • Growing public and private (primarily venture capital) investments
    • Public sector funding, such as the NIS Human Microbiome Project in the UK and the US government Microbiome Initiative
    • Close to $1 billion was invested in microbiome companies globally between 2010 and 2017

Additional market factors include:

  • While at present there are no marketed microbiome therapeutics, the first microbiome drug is expected to be launched in 2018 with more than 120 drugs in the pipeline at different stages of development
  • By indication, the market has been segmented into type 2 diabetes, obesity, C. difficile infection and primary hyperoxyurea, with C. difficile infection segment expected to account for 1/3 of the market
  • The US is expected to constitute the largest market by region – with more than 40% share – due to the earlier launch of microbiome therapeutics and higher penetration compared to other markets

Source: Human Microbiome Market – Forecasts from 2017 to 2022, Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence LLP